Generation Z wants to interact, interact, and interact some more. They’re extremely sociable online and are searching for businesses that will involve them in the dialogue by asking questions, holding polls, and replying to comments – particularly with GIFs and memes. Brands may promote a hashtag that this age group can use to voice issues and share thoughts, or they can utilise tools like Typeform to quiz or engage them in meaningful ways. They are also concerned about social concerns and are willing to pay more for items from mission-driven companies. Because they are pressed for time, ease is essential to their purchasing experience.


Millennials purchase with a price in mind, but they are more often than not wanting to get good value out of whatever they buy. These customers want to feel emotionally attached to their buying experience and the brand itself, therefore they’re willing to conduct research as part of their purchasing process.

A third rely on blogs for advice before making a purchase, and 80 percent will not buy before reading reviews. If a company communicates with them on social media, 62 percent are more likely to become loyal customers, and 66 percent will test a new brand if they are provided a 30 percent or more discount.

As a socially conscious population, they want to see businesses that give back to the community so that their choices reflect their ideals. On the other hand, if the price is good, their generation is quite inclined to buy on the spur of the moment. So, if you are looking for a good digital marketing institute in Pune or Mumbai that provides courses then you can definitely check these blogs; best digital marketing course in pune and the best digital marketing institute in Mumbai.


Gen Xers like honest and open product promotion with a clear path to buy. They want firms to explain why they need your product and are drawn to high-quality things at a reasonable price. The group is less swayed by fashion trends and is more likely to undertake in-store research on their smartphones.


Boomers are cost-conscious and a more fiscally conservative generation. They appreciate face-to-face customer care and may quit a transaction or even a brand as a result of a poor contact. The group enjoys browsing for new items, but many members of this generation are not interested in checking out new things on a regular basis. They frequently buy what they are accustomed to buying and stick to their shopping list. The elder age is less time-pressed, but they are more concerned with value for money and product quality. Brands may reach out to these audiences by emphasising workmanship, dependability, and promises.